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Logos and operator graphics can be sent from your PC to your mobile phone using SmartSMS.

First of all you will need to save a logo, to do this, right click on one of the logos on this site and save it into a file on your PC. Next you will have to download and install SmartSMS (freeware).
To download and use SmartSMS follow these instructions:
1. Click here to download SmartSMS
2. Click OK
3. Click on picture to setup
4. Click continue
5. Follow the prompts to finish downloading the software

On installation

1. go to the windows start bar
2. Then click on programmes
3. Select smart SMS and double click on the icon. (you can drag and drop it onto your desktop for easier use?)

When it is open you need to carefully set the following

1. Click on settings the first thing you need to do is detect what port your modem is on.
2. select com port 2 then click on test com port it will tell you when it has located it. If it is not on com 2 repeat until found.
3. leave the modem speed at 9600 as this will cause less possible complications



Note: this is a German SMSC number and there is a small charge (we do not take any share of this charge and it is a lot less than buying a ringtone) and when tested worked mainly world wide. If you have any problems with this number try the following ones.

Dialed from: another country same country
Belgium - Mobistar 0032495955205 0495955205
Denmark - TeleDanmark Mobil 004543625250 43625250
Germany - D2 privat 00491722278020 01722278020
Germany - D2 00491722278000 01722278000 (ISDN X.75 only)
Iceland - Landssimi Islands 9541010
Netherlands - KPN Telecom 0031653141414 0653141414
Norway - Telenor Mobil 004790002198 90002198
Sweden - Telia Mobile 0046740930000 0740930000
Finland - Sonera 209801
Portugal - TMN 00351962113000 962113000
Switzerland - Swisscom Natel 0041794998990 0794998990

If you are selecting a number from the above list use the first one if you do not live in that country or the second one if you do.
5. Click ok to exit settings


Once back looking at the application you will see a white icon near the bottom this is to add the names and number that you want to send stuff to.

1. Click on it just type in the name for now
2. This is IMPORTANT with the telephone number take out the first digit then replace with 0044 and enter into the numbers box.
3. once you have finished entering your name and numbers click close.

For example 07776 897654 would be changed to 0044 7776 897654 (without spaces this is for illustrative purposes)

3. When you have finished entering your name and numbers click close.

Now all you need to do is to add your ringtones

1.Select Picture, Ringtone, or flash SMS, (depending on what you want to send first)
2. Copy and paste the ringtone or logo into the appropriate box by using the right key on the mouse. (from the ringtones)
3. Click Ok
4. Then Click Send

You have now finished

Any problems please consult the help files on the smartsms software or check that the smsc numbers are working and try using some of the others listed above.
Take advantage of our INSTANT DELIVERY service.

Click on one of the links below for more details.

UK - Click Here In Ireland - Click Here In USA - Click Here In Germany - Click Here New Zealand - Click Here  Australia Click Here France Click Here Italy Click Here Austria Click Here Netherland Click Here

Animated Screensavers- click here for more......
animated screensaver animated screensaver animated screensaver animated screensaver

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4475Nelly feat.Kelly Rowland - Dilemma
4513DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do - Heaven
4529Jennifer Lopez - Jenny from the Block
4505Christina Aguilera feat. Redman - Dirrty
4527Eminem - Lose Yourself
2001Theme - Mission Impossible

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50013 Film Theme - Mission Impossible
50074 Eminem - Forgot about Dre
50041 Robert Miles - Children
50085 Las Ketchup - Asereje
50016 Film Theme - Rocky

Picture Messages - click here for more......
200 miles an hour
Item 42002
300 miles an hour
Item 42003
4 your ass
Item 5744
a present for u
Item 5834
Item 14051

Logos - click here for more.........
Item 31028
2 sexy 4 my phone
Item 32002
Acid Faces
Item 4886
acid faces
Item 12050
Item 12030

Funny Voicemail Calls - click here for more......
Hello, God speaking. Please leave your name, number and prayer after the tone....

Prank Phone Calls - click here for more......
Prank Calls - PAGE THREE STUNNER STUCK IN A LIFT Who wouldn't help a page three girl stuck in a lift with only a mobile phone to save her?
Its hot in the lift so she has had to remove some of her clothes and she's really desperate for a pee. Listen and laugh as your victim desperately tries to help her out of the goodness of his own heart while the dodgy lift moves and shakes.

NEW! - Revenge Prank Calls - click here for more......
You match the description of a flasher...

Previews are played on Nokia handsets and may vary according to the capabilities of individual handsets. Calls last approximately 2 and a half minutes and are charged at 1.50 (UK), NZ$2.99+GST per minute or AUS$4.95 (Australia including GST) per minute at all times. We recommend you call from a landline as some mobile operators charge a higher rate than this. You must be over 16 to call this service. Ensure you have the bill payers permission. Service provided by: please email if you have any problems with your order. We know of no copyright infringement with any of the content on this service. If however you feel your copyright has been infringed then please contact us.
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